Chair of Flight Measuring Technology

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Our Origin

The scientific origin of the chair is based on two roots: The professorship was established from the University of Stuttgart to support the collaborative research center SFB 409 Adaptive Structures of Aircraft and Lightweight Constructions. After discontinuing the center in 2001, the chair became an assigned part to the Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures. Since 2018, it is self-dependent.

As a result of this change, the original name of the chair, Adaptive Structures in Aerospace Engineering, was also changed to Flight Measuring Technology in 2020.

Prof. Dr.- Ing. habil. Jörg F. Wagner is head of the chair since 2003. Starting in 2004, laboratory equipment, an archive, and a scientific collection of gyro instruments were taken over from the former Institute A of Mechanics (today Institute for Nonlinear Mechanics ) in order to continue research subjects of the former Chair of Gyro and Inertial Technology, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut W. Sorg.

The two lines of provenance form the frame for our research being based on

  • measurement technology,
  • mechatronic und structural dynamics,
  • gyro and inertial technology

and have applications of

  • airborne astronomy,
  • flight mechanics,
  • navigation,
  • biomechanics und sports,
  • history of technology.

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Chair of Flight Measuring Technology

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