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Aerospace engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering. It is therefore natural that flight measurement technology, a cross-discipline of this technical area, has mechanics as a central subject. So, the teaching of the chair is based on sub-fields of mechanics and is complemented by contents of measurement technology and systems theory.

Lectures and Seminars

The lectures Dynamics 1, Dynamics 2, and Dynamics 3 build on one another and cover the modeling and the analysis of motions of aerospace structures. In addition, they establish a connection to system and control theory. The lectures are complemented by additional exercises forming a guided self-study.

The lecture Introduction into the Finite-Element-Method (FEM) forms a bridge between the lectures Dynamics 1 to 3 and the modern numerical methods of structural analysis, fluid dynamics, and other disciplines. Also this course is complemented by additional exercises as a guided self-study.

The lecture Experimental Techniques builds the connection to measurement technology and experimental mechanics. Therefore, it holds a central position in the range of courses. An augmentation of the course by laboratory exercises and an excursion is intended.

The lecture Structural Optimization deals with a special area of system theory and applied mathematics. Using the example of lightweight structures it addresses the optimal design of systems.


Depending on availability, subjects for exam papers will also be issued from ongoing research. Open, i.e. available, theses can be found here.




Chair of Adaptive Structures in Aerospace

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